Working for Diabetes… initially was just a thought in the mind of Dr. Kashyap Shah, which got converted into an idea and the idea got conceptualized into Parivartan Foundation with the help of a group of people from diversified backgrounds. This group consists of people from all walks of life, from family physician to geriatric consultant, from diabetes educator to diet consultant, from businessman to entrepreneur. Thanks to Team Parivartan for working hands in hands, for a noble social cause.

Dr. S. D. Jain

Dr. Ramesh Chaksota

Dr. Kashyap Shah
General Secretary

Dr. Manoj Patil

Mr. Harish Beswal
P.R.O. Media

Mr. Khalid Ansari

Dr. Pravin Jain
Joint Secretary

Dr. Shah Arjun Singh

Mr. Bharat Jhanglani
Executive Member

Dr. Jayesh Mange
Executive Member

Mr. Murari Poddar
Executive Member

Mr. Sadanand Keni
Executive Member

Mr. Sanjay Jain
Executive Member

Mr. Venkatesh Devasani
Executive Member

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