Our annual report provides an overview of our performance in relation to key objectives. It includes case-studies, insight about our projects and stories of how Parivartan Foundation has changed the lives of people with diabetes, as well as an in-depth look at the organisation’s finances, with financial statements, summaries and key statistics.
We had an incredible journey since our inception in the 2013- thank you to everyone who supported us.
You can download our project report and financial summary.
 Details about the projects organized by Parivartan Foundation
Detailed Project Report of Parivartan Foundation – PDF 81.7 MB
 2014
Auditors Report & Financial Balance Sheet (Year 2014 – 2015) – PDF 3.02 MB
 2015
Auditors Report & Financial Balance Sheet (Year 2015 – 2016) – PDF 3.12 MB
 2016
Auditors Report & Financial Balance Sheet (Year 2016 – 2017) – PDF 3.35 MB

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