About Us

India is facing an epidemic of diabetes. You might not be aware, that one in every three persons in Maharashtra is suffering from diabetes. Also diabetes patients are more prone to long term complications. Most of these complications can be avoided by adjusting diet, exercise and knowledge of diabetes. The majority of Indians with diabetes have no access to this information! Parivartan Foundation is a Non Profit making Charitable Organisation established in Bhiwandi and working for the cause of diabetes. Our mission is to conduct regular diabetes screening on a large scale, along with providing diabetes education and creating awareness about diabetes. We also aim to stop diabetes by educating people to bring in changes in their day to day living style, which may eventually lead to prevent diabetes.



Early Detection of diabetes and its complications by screening people in general, for diabetes. Parivartan Foundation is dedicated to helping people with diabetes live long, healthy and happy lives. Recent scientific evidence indicates that most long-term complications can be delayed or prevented when there is appropriate medical care and active self-management. Unfortunately, this can be tough, since living well with diabetes takes time, knowledge, and effort. Addressing these real-life emotional aspects of diabetes is critical for long-term success and our Diabetes Support Group is created to help people better identify, understand, and tackle these problems.



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